Sunday, August 13, 2006

More pictures from the Audubon Festival

Teresa showed a kestrel, one of our native falcons. It's been declining in numbers in recent years, no one knows why for sure. This one has been injured and can't be reintroduced to the wild, so it's used for educational programs.

This red-tailed hawk lost an eye (as is demonstrated here) so it can't hunt - they depend on binocular vision to capture their prey.

I was in charge of the arts and crafts booth - we made little rock gardens out of tuna cans.

He was a visitor to my booth, but didn't participate.

I just like taking pictures of her (one of my daughter's friends - they've known each other since they were newborns together!) because she's so beautiful. She lives at the Audubon center, where her dad works.

Ted Gilman is an amazing naturalist. Here he is helping people sort through a pail full of forest soil to find all the little critters living there.

This goose is from New Zealand. I don't exactly know why she was here, but if you can read the sign behind her (it says, "Can you guess what I eat?") you can see that she's helping teach kids about how different bill shapes tell you what a bird eats.

Joseph used to work for Audubon. Now he makes incredible traditional dyed eggs and teaches about bird ecology in a local school.

Here he's showing my daughter all about eggs. You can see some of his creations in the tank behind him.

There was a biodiesel fuel display...

Lively entertainment by Pat and Dave...

A solar panel display - these toy boats are solar powered...

I'm not sure why freeze-dried ice cream for dogs is environmental, but these folks had a booth today!

Baby goats are always popular!

The Connecticut DEP brought a bear pelt and lots of information on what to do if you see one in your yard (make a lot of noise to chase it away!)

A show about birds for kids...

And a lovely Great Spangled Frittilary butterfly -perched on the purple coneflowers.

Lots of people took the opportunity to wander the trails at the Center - it was a perfect day for it.


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