Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sharon Craft Fair 2006

It was a gorgeous day -- lots of dogs were out and about.

My neighbor Ro had her sculpture on display

Handmade handbags...

She makes jewelry out of one-of-a-kind beads - the ones on the top right are from Mali and quite old. I bought three pairs of earrings - my only purchase of the day.

These are some kind of rubber - I think they're for knitting needles. I love them!

It's a long day if your mom is into crafts!

I bet these sell well on sunny days!

These were kinda cool too!

I had no idea there were this many flavors of honey!

He comes to all the events around town to demonstrate blacksmithing - he's trying to keep the art alive!

I'm not sure what he was making, though.

Fish ornaments, anyone?

Lovely paintings of local scenes.

This one is begging for a funny caption!

Why's he relaxing while she works the booth?

Nice slogan - my daughter got one of those princess crowns - to add to her vast collection! I don't think that lady was thrilled about my taking her picture (no, I didn't ask!)

My favorite booth of the day!


Blogger Nowhere Man said...

If she didn't like it, to hell with her! You achieved another great photo-reportage of a Sharon event. And I love the mobile-looking things!

4:42 PM  

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