Thursday, May 18, 2006

Miles Wildlife Sanctuary

Here are about a dozen pictures of the sanctuary. The land is owned by the National Audubon Society. This picture would have been a lot prettier if it hadn't been cloudy - I'll try to go back on a nicer day and shoot much more! There's a nice trail all the way around this pond - when I lived here I got some great photos (in the pre-digital age, tho!) Posted by Picasa

Skunk cabbage and other swamp vegetation abound...
The former owner, Emily Winthrop Miles, was a sculptor, writer, and philanthropist. Posted by Picasa
This couple is doomed to be forever separated. Posted by Picasa
Another view of the lady... Posted by Picasa
...and her lover Posted by Picasa
They live at the bottom of these stairs... Posted by Picasa
At the back of this long-empty reflecting pool. Posted by Picasa
Another view of the house Posted by Picasa
Lots of wetlands - that's a beaver dam in the foreground (but the beavers weren't out playing today) Posted by Picasa
Just for fun, a black-and-white shot Posted by Picasa

Another angle on the swamp in the valley - the winter my daughter was born (1999) we had about a half-dozen bald eagles living here - I'd walk around the pond, watching them and waiting for her to be born. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Rauf said...

loved the steps, neat composition in all your pictures

6:13 AM  
Blogger Rauf said...

full screen view is so alive.
Enjoying myself.

6:14 AM  

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